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Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize

Express Facial - A quick freshen-up to get that clean & clear feeling.  $49


Glow Facial - hydrating facial that leaves your skin feeling healthy, and hydrated.  $79

Clarifying Facial - focuses on extractions and clearing acne, leaving skin clean and fresh.  $89

Anti-aging Facial - treatment of aging skin with focus on fine lines and wrinkles.  $89


Back Facials

Exfoliate, Treat, Moisturize



Glow Back Facial - focus on hydration and moisturizing. $99

Clarifying Back Facial - treatment of acne with an exfoliating scrub. $129

Cast bandages slimming treatment.jpg

Body Wraps

Scrub, Moisturize, Tighten



Exfoliating Body Wrap -  treat your body right with a salt scrub and moisturizer. $99

Extras                  $10

* Add an extra mask to any facial, or back facial.

* Add a hand scrub to any facial or body wrap.

* Add a foot or hand rub to any facial.

* Add an anti-aging eye treatment to any facial or body wrap.

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